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Currently being retained prisoner aboard the Valiant for your yr, the Doctor, Jack plus the Jones relatives witnessed the Learn as well as Toclafane devastate Earth's civilisations and lessen the human race to camps of survivors, and endured at his palms them selves, though the Doctor realised the Toclafane were the humans he had encountered at the conclusion of the universe, and started to telepathically hack in the Archangel Community.

Location the TARDIS controls on random, the Doctor wound up having Donna to 4126, the Ood Sphere. Upon finding a dying Ood, the Doctor was stunned to view it display red eyes; nervous that he may well operate into an aged foe, he made the decision to research.

He snapped out of it briefly to save Mickey as well as the Tylers from the Roboform Xmas tree, nevertheless the pressure of waking up way too quickly created matters worse and he collapsed once more.

Resisiting the Zenith, the Doctor was transported to the Zenith's lair, and fled back to London to setup a firewall to halt their conquest. The Zenith purchased him to halt interfering, threatening to kill Donna if he didn't .

After a turbulent ride in the vortex, the Doctor crashed the TARDIS in a science Conference, the place he and Donna witnessed Professor Eustace Krosson invent a wave-time vector detector that unleashed the Imago, parasites through the fourth dimension who devoured people's personal timelines.

For her very first journey in the TARDIS, the Doctor took Gabby into the No-Gallery of Ouloumos. There they uncovered that a block transfer artist, Zhe Ikiyuyu, was lacking from the gallery, acquiring exiled to her personal moon. Though investigating in her retreat, Zhe's apprentice, in conflicting male and female forms, menaced the Doctor and Gabby prior to the real Zhe awakened from her stasis and pulled them into her, they possessing been conflicting facets of her personalized psyche.

Dorothy fought for Handle more than the artefact with Cleo, breaching time area and causing a burst of Vitality that knocked everyone out. Cleo awoke and escaped with the artefact. The Doctor wakened to realize that his and Vivian's ages had been restored, but Dorothy was lifeless. Vivian revealed that she was aware of the artefact's properties and experienced hoped to use it to protect Dorothy's life.

While investigating Adipose Industries, the Doctor was reunited with Donna Noble, who experienced spent months looking for him as she had arrive at regret rejecting his supply to travel with him. With Donna's enable, he utilised two Adipose Industries pendants to prevent 1,000,000 Londoners from being killed as well as their organs and skeletons converted into Adipose toddlers.

The Doctor and Rose landed inside of Sanctuary Base six on Krop Tor, a Earth that was in perpetual orbit across the black hole K37 Gem five, and missing the TARDIS following an earthquake. The individuals of Sanctuary Base six, possessing arrive at Krop Tor to find the supply of electricity emanating through the planet's Main which allowed the Earth to orbit the black hole, refused to divert their drill to collect the TARDIS.

They travelled into a jail on Haklok, only to locate the put suffering from bodies, such as Individuals of robo-sassins, which were despatched to halt the team from acquiring the warrior kings. Looking into Thour's crystal, the Doctor realised that Angboda's fleet had been the truth is medical center ships travelling to assist the worlds that Thour and his two fellow warriors experienced attacked. Obtaining been tricked by Thour, the Doctor and Martha had been remaining guiding as the three warriors stole the struggle cruiser and established off to avenge themselves from Angboda.

On podiatrist melbourne cbd his solution to Baz's Easy Diner on Agrellian Thaxis, the Doctor instead wound up with a limited biodome in orbit over the dim aspect of a Earth. When his sonic screwdriver agitated the carnivorous vegetation housed there, he was saved from an attack by a robotic who took him to Professor Brask. Working with his psychic paper, the Doctor bluffed his way outside of issues and learnt the vegetation had been made to mature in very weak light to offer crops to the outer worlds, but they had come to be violently aggressive in bright light-weight to be a facet-influence.

When the Eleventh Doctor entered in to the T'keyn Nexus to be able to protect himself, Matrix projections of his past incarnations, including the Tenth Doctor, appeared inside it to protect by themselves as well. Once the Ninth Doctor identified how auditor Sondrah was additional enthusiastic about them as opposed to Earth, the Tenth Doctor agreed with his predecessor, and questioned Sondrah if "a thing within [him]" experienced a personnel vendetta with him, just for Sondrah to fearfully warn the Tenth Doctor far from him.

Just after Alice was killed wanting to get again into the TARDIS, Gabby began to frantically open up the Doctor's comics while in the hope they could assist her. A lot to her horror, In the bundle was a miniature Weeping Angel, which grew to complete sizing and sent her back in her have private timeline to the café before the three Doctors arrived to greet their companions.

If a medium isn't stated, then this incarnation did not have companions who have been primary to that medium; it does not indicate this Doctor failed to show up in that medium.

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